Homemade Juice That Helps Flush Out Kidney Stones and Gallstones

At present, a lot of adults are at risk for developing kidney disease. This disease kills more people than prostate or breast cancer. Kidney stones are hard and small deposits forming inside your kidneys and may cause serious problems to your health. The kidney stones are made up of acid salts and minerals. Some of the causes and factors contributing to the formation of these stones are: dehydration and inadequate fluid intake or eating too much meat and not enough vegetables. Kidney stones form when the crystal-forming substances (such as calcium, uric acid, and oxalate) in your urine is more than the fluid that it can dilute.

You should always take good care of your kidneys because it is the one responsible for flushing out all the toxins and excess salt from your body. You need to cleanse them from time to time. And there are many effective and powerful homemade remedy to help you cleanse your kidneys and improve its functions.

Useful TIPS

  1. Oxalate foods must be avoided. When iron and calcium “mix”, oxalate makes crystal in your urine, forming into big stones that block the kidney tubules. Foods like almonds, cashew, wheat bran, peanuts, spinach, hazelnuts, black tea, instant tea, soymilk and soybeans, sweet potato, dry beans, chocolate, rhubarb, and beet must be avoided.
  2. Reduce consumption of animal proteins
  3. Drink a glass of water, before bed
  4. Definitely less salt
  5. Less calcium
  6. Take potassium and citric juices
  7. Lemons are very useful for this health problem
  8. Consume watermelon – every day

And Now, Let’s Make A Home Remedy That Would Cleanse Your Kidney

You’ll need the following ingredients:

1 orange
1 lemon
1 apple
4 watermelon slices
4 ice cubes


Put all the ingredients (mentioned above) into a blender. Blend it well and drink it.


Today, gallstone surgery is one of the commonly performed surgeries. However, those people who choose to have gallstone surgery don’t fully understand how these stones are formed and why this problem can’t be fixed by surgery alone.

Gallstones are tiny stones that can be found in the gallbladder. These gallstones are made of calcium deposits, cholesterol particles and other particles that bind to each other which in the long run becomes lodged in the gallbladder. These would cause pain and other problems such as back pain and indigestion.

Feeling bloated after a heavy meal is one of the most common symptoms of gallstones. You have that feeling that you can't digest the food you eat and in some cases, if it’s really serious, a pain in the liver area can also be felt.

Best NATURAL Juices And Remedies for Gallstone Removal

Turmeric – Mix 1 tsp turmeric and honey and take it orally.

Veggie juice – Blend carrot, cucumber, and beet. Drink this juice twice a day.

Lemon juice – In the morning, immediately after waking up, drink warm water with lemon juice. Just squeeze 4 lemons into a cup of warm water.

Citrus – all citrus fruits are good for this health problem.

Epsom salt – 1 Tsp Epsom and cup of water every night.

Herbal tea – Drink 1 cup St. John’s Worth a few times per day. Or, you can add 4-5 leaves in the water.

Apple juice and ACV – Mix 1 glass apple juice with 1 tbs. ACV. Drink this mixture every day.

Lemon – here’s what you need to do: just Add ½ lemon juice in a glass of water. Then, drink this 2 times per day. Or, you can add 30 ml olive juice, 5 g garlic paste and 30 ml of lemon juice. Mix it and drink it daily before breakfast for 40 days.


  1. doc farrah pa help po meron po akong kidney stone pero sbi ni doc maliliit pa daw makuha pa daw sa tubig tapos niresitahan nya po ako nang sambong tablet pa help po ano ang kailangan kong gawin pra mabilis ma wla ang kidney stone ko im worried po khit maliliit lang pero natatakot ako and also i have a cystic mass in my ovary 10 cm napo daw pa help po i hope matulungan po ninyu ako hintay po ako sa reply mo

  2. May cure pa PO ba Ang nasira Ng ligament? (Left hip)

  3. for how many days po kailangan inumin yung remedies para sa gallstones?

    1. Un sa kin sis 2 times ko lng ginawa lumabas kaagad un gallstone ko my maliit at my iilng malalaki gusto ko nga ulitin pra sure ako malinis ko ulit un apdo ko.

  4. .5 cm po yung stones ko,sabi ni doc kapag sumasakit kelangan na daw po i-opera,kaya pa po ba ng natural remedies itong gallstone ko?waiting for your reply doc.thank you.

  5. hello po doc,pano po b mgflush ng gallstone

  6. Hi dok farrah, tinatry kopo un nkita ko sa youtube nag gallstones flushing po sia 120 ml olive oil and 3 pcs of lemon 3 a times a day un po un procedure n binigay nio po sa knya. Ok nman po sa kin succeful nman po nka 6pcs lng po ako ng lemon bali 2 times ko lng po ginawa lumabas po un gallstone ko kulay green npadami pong maliit ang tanung kopo ppuwede po bang ulitin ko ulit pra sgurado n maalis ko sia lahat slamat po sa kasagutan dr.farrah..

  7. Dr.Farrah 100 percent poba ung juice remedies pang flush kidney stone

    1 orange
    1 lemon
    1 apple
    4 watermelon slices
    4 ice cubes
    plzzzz Sana maka reply po

  8. Hello Doc. Farrah, need help po please how to flush out my 3 stone 0.8cm each gallstones..may pag-asa pa po ba maflush out??

  9. Hi po Doc Farrah! May backpain po ako sa baba ng ribs, natatakoy po ako baka po sa kidney po, at ngayon parang feeling ko nanghihina ang aking katawan at para bang na mamanhid ang kalamnan ko, ano po ba magandang gawin?


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