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The world today heavily rely on synthetic drugs made in pharmaceutical laboratories with chemical compounds that may have negative side-effect and impact to the human body. Moreover, synthetic drugs not only harm the body but also the financial aspect of a person due to its price in the market.

DrFarrahMD, on the other hand, aims to provide its readers useful information regarding the importance of herbal, immunotherapy, and traditional medicine in order for them to utilize common plants and herbs they have in their backyard into something that can heal common ailments.

This website heavily relies on extensive online research to keep readers updated and well informed with every bit of important detail when it comes to natural remedies and health awareness.

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  1. Hi Dr. Farrah,

    I have recently been a fan of your endeavor for some time now after knowing you from a news from last year which involves the forced closure of your clinic. Myself a believer in "alternative medicine" in healing the many maladies of the human body, you have my support in your plight with this medical approach.

    Now, while I believe that no person in your field of work is more fitting to produce contents that people will believe in involving health and healing, will it not be better if there is an additional pair of hand who could be contributing to your cause? By this, I mean someone who has the right set of skill and knowhow in medicine who could provide contents for you.

    If so, I might be of help.

    While I cannot offer my creative writing service for free, I believe we could come up with a good partnership if only you would consider my proposition to write contents for you. That is, as per your instruction, of course.

    What do you think?

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


    Jermaine D. Delos Santos

  2. I am trying to buy "Dr. Farrah's Book of Natural Home Remedies". I ordered it form the international bookstore but they refunded me and cancelled the order. Is there any way I can get the book. There are A LOT of us who would like to buy your new book but simply can't. Please help!!! I will pay whatever I need to. Please make it available here in the U.S.A . Thanks for your time. Have a great day!!

  3. I want to buy your remedies lm in uae hw can l get them

  4. Your partnershiop with this anti-vaccine advocate would be wise..

  5. Pls dr.farrah pls tulungan nyo Po ako ..Anu Po pwd k gawin may nakapa Po akong maliit na bukol SA ilalim Ng Tenga Ng aking anak...Sabi Po nila kulani lamang Ito...ngunit natatakot Po ako dahil 11 months palang Po Ang baby ko...anu Po pwd k gawin dr.farrah pls help me po..


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